Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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Complete the Giving Circle

The Gift of Giving image with multi-colored handsAt Store To Door, our volunteers are generous in so many ways.

Last week we received a letter from Pam, one of our volunteer order takers. She and 13 other women belong to a giving circle.  Each month they pool their individual $25 donations and select a nonprofit to support.

On Pam’s recommendation, the group had chosen to contribute to Store To Door, so seniors can get food into their homes when they can’t shop on their own.  Pam’s letter included a check for $350.

Support from GIVING WoMN
Volunteer order taker Ann Bjorklund and board member Karen Polzin are members of a more formal giving circle, GIVING WoMN.  This is a member-driven, pooled-fund grantmaking organization.

Ann, Karen and their fellow GIVING WoMN members learn together about philanthropy, pool their resources and then make grants to address pressing community needs.

This year, Store To Door received its second grant from Giving WoMN.  Thanks to the advocacy of our volunteers and the group’s generosity, we will use the funds to pilot our Transitional Grocery Project, which will support the nutritional needs of individuals who must have groceries quickly when returning home from hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

Volunteers are Vital Links to Financial Support
Thanks to all our volunteers who go above and beyond — not only giving their time, but also making personal financial contributions and providing vital links to other community resources.

If you’re passionate about helping seniors remain in their own homes, consider completing the circle of giving by helping us spread the word about Store To Door.  You might enjoy joining our volunteer outreach team.  Or maybe your friends, your employer or your community group would like to contribute.  You can just put a check in the mail, like Pam did, or make an online gift today.

Donating Volunteering