Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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More Independence and Fewer Worries

Handwritten letter from Store To Door client

This recent client letter thanks Store To Door volunteers and staff for going above and beyond. It reads in part: “Just a note to say thanks! for your pleasantness & help during the past several months.”

Store To Door’s annual client survey confirms what we long suspected:  Store To Door not only provides access to the food that clients choose . . . we are a virtual lifeline for seniors who want to age in place.

Vital Source of Food and Social Connections
For 43 percent of the survey respondents, Store to Door is their only reliable and consistent source of food.  Of those who do have access through other sources, 38 percent said that they must rely on friends and families to meet their needs.

But Store to Door is much more than an essential source of food.  Almost every responding senior (96 percent) said that our services help them maintain their independence and quality of life.

And 88 percent said that having personal contact with the order taker and the delivery driver was important or very important to them – adding to their overall security, health and well-being.

Worries without Store To Door
What would our clients do without Store To Door?  Nine out of ten said they would be less independent, and 85 percent said they would worry more about how to get access to food.

Nearly 4 in 10 seniors reported that without Store To Door they would have to move in to assisted living – a much more expensive option.

Almost Unanimous Recommendations
Our survey showed that our clients are very satisfied with Store To Door’s services – so much so that 99 percent of responding seniors said they would recommend Store To Door to others.

If you know of someone who could benefit from receiving groceries and peace of mind, read more at “Why Choose Store To Door,” or call 651-642-1892 or email

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