Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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Experience the Satisfaction

Bar chart showing that Store To Door volunteers are more than 80% satisfied, supporterd, appreciated and would recommend Store To Door

Results of the Store To Door volunteer survey were very positive.

Store To Door volunteers are a happy bunch!

We recently asked our 600-plus volunteers about their experience with Store To Door, and the overwhelming majority of our survey respondents said they were very satisfied and felt supported and appreciated.

What’s more, 95% of respondents indicated that they would recommend to their family and friends that Store To Door is a good place to volunteer.

In the words of a volunteer shopper:

“I believe in and support Store to Door’s mission. I enjoy the work I do and find it rewarding to be part of the team. The tasks I do match my interests, utilize my skills and have brought me together with a great bunch of warm and welcoming people. A great fit for me all around.”

And this volunteer order taker shared:

“I like the convenience of helping others from my home. I enjoy chatting with seniors and helping to not only improve their day, but also improve their lives.”

Would you like to join the ranks of our happy volunteers?  Check out all our opportunities to serve seniors and experience the satisfaction!

A version of this story appeared in the summer issue of our quarterly print newsletter.  Read the full issue or other Store To Door publications now.