Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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Who Is a Caregiver?

Photo of middle-aged African American woman and message: "You call it 'helping dad pay his bills.' We call it 'caregiving.'"

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation and partners created a campaign to help individuals recognize themselves as caregivers and access resources at

Do you run errands for your aging parent?  Do you check in on your elderly neighbor? Do you volunteer with a nonprofit senior services agency such as Store To Door?

If so, you are part of a vital network of caregivers in Minnesota who help older adults remain healthy and independent.

According to Alice Tennis, Store To Door program manager, one of six adults in Minnesota are caregiving for an elder. During an average week, caregivers spend 20.4 hours on these responsibilities.

Family and Friends Give Their All
Over 90 percent of all care for older adults is provided by family members and close friends. Yet, more than 80 percent of individuals who are actively caring for a loved one do not self-identify as a “caregiver” and may not be accessing resources that could help them and their loved ones.

The extra responsibility of helping an aging adult can affect caregiver’s health and well-being.  For example, women who are caregivers are 2.5 times more likely to live in poverty, and caregiving families have median incomes 15 percent lower than non-caregiving families.

“Some days, caregiving can be rewarding, but other times it can feel overwhelming,” notes Alice. “Simple tasks can wind up taking more time and energy than you have.”

Resources for Caregivers
If you are a caregiver, you may be interested in the “Capacity to Care” initiative developed by the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation.  For community resources and support for caregivers, visit or Or call the Senior LinkAge Line at 1-800-333-2433.

Whether your caregiving responsibilities last a few weeks or several years, you can call on Store To Door to assist with grocery shopping and delivery to your loved one.   Check out the benefits of Store To Door, and then give us a call at 651-642-1892.  With a little help, you may be able to take “shopping for dad” off your very long to do list.