Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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General Mills Renews Commitment

Between March 1st and March 23rd, we’ve received 56 calls from seniors, caregivers and caseworkers looking for help in getting food into the home of a local elderly adult.  Another 35 seniors received their first delivery of groceries and other household essentials this month, all shopped by Store To Door volunteers.  This important service is possible only because of generous contributions of caring supporters like General Mills.  Earlier this month, the General Mills Foundation renewed its commitment to food access and nutrition for seniors with a major grant to Store To Door.  This year makes the 21st year of involvement by General Mills.  Contributions have included countless hours of volunteer time and leadership from employee board members in addition to financial support through the foundation and from individual employees. Thanks to everyone at General Mills for helping make the Twin Cities a great place to live as we age.

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