Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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Store To Door founders David Berger and Judy Madaj

The Store To Door Story

In 1982, Dr. David Berger left the Wilder Foundation to form a nonprofit called Social Technologies for a Livable Community (STLC). Founding STLC to conduct studies and research on community and social welfare issues, Dr. Berger and his board had no intention of providing direct services.

Early Store To Door logoBut early on, they recognized that many seniors in our community could prepare their own meals and stay in their own homes, even though health or mobility challenges prevented them from grocery shopping. After unsuccessfully encouraging other nonprofit agencies to initiate a grocery delivery service for aging adults, Dr. Berger and Judy Madaj, a former Wilder co-worker skilled in volunteer recruiting, decided to do it themselves — and Store To Door was born.

In August 1984, Dave and Judy enrolled a group of south Minneapolis clients and shopped at a low-cost, warehouse grocery store. They did everything themselves – order taking, shopping, delivery, banking and administration — handling 1,600 orders that first year.

Times Have Changed

In 2014, Store To Door made 22,445 deliveries to 1,779 elderly adults across the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area.  We have grown our delivery fleet from one station wagon to ten refrigerated vans. Technology now increases the efficiency of daily operations, but the heart of Store To Door remains our more than 400 volunteer order takers and shoppers, plus our small staff.

Since 2003, Store To Door has purchased groceries at Cub Foods. Through this ongoing corporate partnership our clients receive quality products at competitive prices.

Our nonprofit work today is made possible thanks to financial support from government, foundations and corporations, earned income, fundraisers and individual donors. Thanks to everyone who enables Store To Door to grow year after year!