Seniors’ first choice for food and independence
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How It Works

Woman talks on phone and looks at laptop screen

Step 1

A volunteer order taker calls you every other week at a specified time.  As you tell her what you want, she enters each item into an online ordering system.

Shopper picks lettuce

Step 2

Two days later, on your regular delivery day, volunteers shop your grocery list at a local grocery store.


Driver loads box in van

Step 3

Our delivery person loads your order into a refrigerated van and brings it right to your kitchen. He’ll even help with the extras – like unpacking bags, opening jars or putting away heavy items.

Driver carries box into kitchen

Step 4

The delivery person gives you an itemized receipt and you pay for your groceries with a check, credit/debit card or EBT card. You pay a service fee, based on your income, to cover part of our costs.